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PRovoke: Global PR Summit The biggest PR conference of the year, a high-level forum designed for senior practitioners to address the critical issues that matter most. The next day Scott went to his boss and demanded that everyone be fired.

As a manager, the way you relate to your employees will become a topic around their dinner tables at night. When Mulally joined Ford in , the organization was in deep trouble. Mulally understood that turning the company around would require courage. He would need to accept difficult feedback. He would have to be comfortable with risk and facing an uncertain future.

He would have to be vulnerable.

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Labor leaders became convinced that if the company was going to save Ford, management and labor would have to save it together. By the time he retired in , Ford had posted 19 consecutive profitable quarters. By demonstrating a willingness to fail in service to something you care about, you, as a leader, can show others the power of vulnerability. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Apply liberally with a clean cloth in the direction of the wood grain, let sit for 20 minutes, remove excess, and buff to a satiny finish.

Clear coat Urethane, acrylic, or resin-curing-oil finishes provide superior protection against water, stains, and wear and are food-safe once fully cured. But reviving a worn or damaged top means stripping it and refinishing. Proprietary finishes offered by some companies cannot be matched but may never need recoating. Adding a stain can enhance the color and grain of a wood countertop, but you'll pay 5 to 10 percent more than you would for the same species in its natural state. You can get a pricey look for less, however, by choosing an inexpensive, light-colored species such as beech and staining it a rich color like walnut.

To DIY, sand off any finish and use a lint-free cotton cloth or natural-bristle brush to apply the stain, then wipe off the excess. When dry, add a food-safe clear coat. But never use stained butcher block as a cutting surface. Pro tip: "To get a uniform look with stain, apply a prestain wood conditioner with a brush or cloth first. It temporarily fills in the grain, so the color will be absorbed more evenly.

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For a water-resistant barrier, all cutouts, edges, and surfaces must be treated with your choice of finish to seal out moisture. Cutouts that extend slightly beyond the sink lip and over the bowl prevent standing water from saturating the edge, making the counter easier to maintain.

Drop-in sinks work best with clear-coated or factory-finished countertops along with a flexible sealant beneath the rim to protect the wood.

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Avoid marine varnish; while water resistant, this high-VOC finish is not food safe. Use cardboard templates to trim prefab tops to size with a circular saw and a router, or send templates to a manufacturer; many will cut and ship slabs for free cutouts and curves cost extra.


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On open-top base cabinets, fill with plywood fastening strips every foot; for solid-top cabinets, create air space with thin furring strips to allow moisture to escape. Center holes in the strips and drive a screw fitted with a fender washer up through each hole, into the countertop. Wipe down the surface daily with a damp cloth and a small amount of dish soap; follow with a clean, damp cloth. To de-germ, spritz with a solution of 1 part white vinegar to 4 parts water; let sit for 10 minutes, then wipe away.

Avoid harsh cleansers with ammonia or bleach, which can eat away the finish and raise the grain. Sprinkle the affected area with a generous amount of table salt and rub it in with a lemon quarter, squeezing juice on the counter-top as you go. Let the mixture sit for a few minutes, then wipe with a clean, damp cloth.

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Rub on a colored paraffin-wax stick, such as FastCap Softwax fastcap. Remove excess with a plastic scraper and buff with a cloth. To remove deeper cuts and burns, begin with a coarse sandpaper, step up to finer grits, and finish with a very fine grit; reapply oil or an oil-wax blend to finish.


Melt a 1-to-4 mixture of beeswax or household paraffin wax and mineral oil in a double boiler. Rub the warm mixture into any splits or cracks with a clean cloth to seal them. With its rich color and fancy edge profile, this glossy island top looks at home with a marble backsplash and copper range.

Simple, sturdy cabinetry in rich, earthy colors calls for a warm, neutral-colored wood island top. Tight grain and a robust reddish hue make a cherry counter and backsplash a focal point in a space washed with white. Salvaged fir floor joists repurposed as a plank-grain top add character to a space that blends industrial and old-world elements. Skip to main content. Sign up today for our FREE email newsletters and get helpful tips delivered to your email inbox. Now trending on TOH. More From TOH. Get Ready for 4th of July Weekend.

All About Wood Countertops. Beautiful Longevity. View as slideshow. Shown: A storage island puts thick edge-grain butcher block center stage. Butcher-Block Backstory. Wood Countertop Vitals. Wood Countertop Pros. Wood Countertop Cons. How They're Made: Edge Grain. How They're Made: End Grain. How They're Made: Face Grain. Wood Choices: Birch. These edge-grain samples showcase just 10 of the more than 40 hardwoods available today.

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Highlights: Neutral, light-colored wood with a fine grain. Wood Choices: American Walnut. Wood Choices: Mesquite. Wood Choices: Brazilian Cherry. Maker: The Grothouse Lumber Company Highlights: Hardest of the woods shown, this fine-grain exotic is tough to scratch or dent. Wood Choices: Iroko. Wood Choices: Bamboo. Wood Choices: Bolivian Rosewood.