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Helpful kids, kids who were difficult, special notes of events. You may want to bring a book, one that should be admired by other teachers as well as administrators. You may need a letter of recommendation someday.

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Have some quiet games prepared. I love the idea of word games or making lists games ex. List of 10 popular pets, 10 singers that start with R…. You can ask some classes for list ideas.


Then there are always the old standbys like Around the World and 7 Up. The younger kids never seem to tire of those. I appreciated substitute teachers who left my class neat and organized, papers checked, who did their best to enjoy the class, and who left me brief notes. I think I can speak on behalf of most teachers: Thank you to those subs who made the transitions seamless. I have a board dedicated to Substitute Teachers.

I have a great hubby and two wonderful grown boys. I spent decades learning how to navigate the profession - and, believe me, the longer I'm retired, the greater my appreciation for the profession. It can be a delicate dance between parents and teachers; however, we all have the same goal in mind. We want "our" children to have a successful year and to be confident, life-long learners I'm hoping this blog reaches out to both parents and teachers alike, and helps to create a united front.

Happy reading! View all posts by Laura Classi. Skip to content. No lesson plans…. Author: Laura Classi Hello! Many districts have raised wages, but others have lowered requirements: in half the states, all it takes to be a substitute teacher is a high school diploma.

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Substitute Teacher's Survival Kit

Substitutes have long been disrespected by students, teachers and administrators alike and largely ignored by researchers and politicians. But students, on average, spend a full year of their school lives in classes taught by substitutes, a fact that has fueled a small but growing movement to improve training for these guest workers and take their role more seriously. Smith said that fewer than 10 percent of school districts provided training for substitutes, but those that did had found it decreased the number of complaints and attracted more applicants.

Expert estimates of the number of substitutes range from , to 1 million, but nearly everyone agrees there are not enough. In a recent survey by Mr. Smith's institute, 86 percent of school districts reported a substitute shortage, with more than half calling it a ''serious problem. Qualifications also range: Some districts require a full-fledged teaching credential, others simply do a criminal background check. For decades, the ranks of substitutes were filled with teachers unable to find full-time work, retirees and parents helping out in their children's schools.

But now, as the nation faces a teacher shortage of some 2. The full-employment economy, where potential substitute teachers might make better money flipping burgers, is not helping. Nor is the rise in the number of professional development days that pull full-time teachers out of class. Assistant principals and even superintendents are having to fill in in emergencies, and some districts ask cafeteria workers and bus drivers to serve as subs.

7 Transferable Skills You’ll Get from Substitute Teaching | Swing Education

Last November, the Kelly Services temporary agency began providing substitute teachers nationwide. She also has taught some rewarding classes, especially in elementary schools. Middle-school students are more difficult. Myrick has learned they will "hang you out to dry" if they succeed in confusing the teacher.

You don't have a relationship with any of the students. Unlike many substitutes, Myrick isn't certain she wants to use the job as a stepping stone to full-time teaching. She has three young children and has been substituting two or three times a week in the Bellevue School District for extra money. Pay varies by district and substitutes generally do not get medical benefits.

Survival Skills for the New Substitute Teacher

This year, the Bellevue School District began offering group insurance rates to substitutes who remain in the district pool for two years. Most don't stay that long though, Iverson said. Substitute teaching tends to draw people in transition, Iverson said, rising in tight economic times as people re-enter the workforce.

The demand for substitutes has increased as districts have granted teachers more training and planning days.

The Substitute Teaching Survival Guide

But Iverson and Billeter warn that some district typecast teachers who spend more than a couple years substituting. And some local districts have a reputation for not hiring substitutes when permanent positions open. Iverson, a year teaching veteran, substitute-teaches regularly to keep her skills sharp and her knowledge current.

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Keeping students from bouncing off the walls is the most common concern among workshop participants.